September 13, 2010

Rock Star Purse!

So, my Nana and I got together and made this super cute purse! To start off with, I gathered some pink and black material. I cut out 6 pieces of the purse sides. They were the same size. I also cut out two pieces of interfacing to match these sides. Next, I cut out two identical oval bottoms. I made two like interfacing pieces. Then, I ironed on all the pieces of the interfacing to the pieces of fabric. Of course, you iron it to the "wrong" side. 
 Then, I ironed the two sides of the purse together. You put the wrong sides together.
Then, you put the facing of the bag (the extra two pieces) pinned to the newly sewn bag. You sew the handles and top part of the bag together. This will hold everything in place. 
 Last, you want to flip the purse right side out. Take the bottom pieces and sew them together with wrong sides together. Then, take the bottom piece of the purse and pin it to the bottom of the bag. Last, sew it on! Your cute little rockstar purse is complete! haha

 Please excuse this last picture. I look a HOT mess. I'd been cleaning and crafting all day! 


  1. This is so adorable! Thanks for sharing. I will be making this one with my girls.

  2. That is too darn cute! I am loving your have a lot of fun stuff here. Thanks for visiting 504 Main...I am a new follower too! I just posted an awesome (at least I think it is giveaway)

  3. Love your new handbag! Awesome. I also think it's precious that you craft with your Nana.

  4. lovelovelove it!
    A purse is on my to-do list..I just might have to steal this idea! It looks great!

  5. Super cute! I really like the purse. It looks professionally made. On my list of projects I have a tote/purse that I am planning on making, so I think I may have to make this!

    Love your blog in general, by the way! I'm following. :) Thanks for stopping by mine and for your nice comment!



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