Meet Kristin


My name is Kristin and I'm 21. I live in a townhouse close to my local university. Which I LOVE to decorate. I really enjoy going to thrift stores and yard sales. I like to travel (when time allows...), shop (on a semi- cheap budget hehe), work out, cook, do outdoor activities, read, write, craft, and be with friends and family. Oh, and school takes a big toll on my life, BUT I'm a senior in college... so not for long! I can't wait to have my own classroom full of kids!!! They are my heart. <333
I also have two cats... Zoey and Scout... who also have my heart.
Last, my boyfriends name is Ethan... and oh yeah... I guess I give him my heart, too!! :)
I also love my church, and the kids that I am blessed to teach there. :)

"Lord, I wanna be your hands and feet, I want to live a life that leads, I hope that they see more of you... and less of me. "