August 21, 2010

Dresser Redo/ Craft Room Update!

Ok, so this is my dresser that I redid! I needed a little more room for craft supplies. The desk and closet were overcrowded, so I decided to give my ugly little dresser a little revamping. I like how it turned out! The before pictures are not so attractive. See...
So, I took the ugly little Walmart dresser outside to redo it. I cleaned it down with some VSP and water first to make sure that all the dust and glossy-ness was broken down. Then, I got these materials...

It is pretty hard to paint plaster board, so you need to make sure that the surface is extra clean. Otherwise, it will bubble up and peel off. Also, you need a really good primer. I took two coats to my little chest of drawers.
I let it dry about one hour between each coat of primer. It was a really hot day though, so the time may be different. About two hours later, I started the painting process. I put two coats of paint on, too. This dried overnight. Then, I took it in! I like how it turned out!
I thought the satin white color was a bit too bland, so I dressed it up with some cute flowers and laced ribbon all around the top edges. I started in the front (like pictures below) and just hot glued the lace ribbon all around the edges. I think this matched everything well. It also fit the crafty theme.

I filled the shelves with craft supplies and papers, etc. I also bough these super cute baskets for a couple dollars at Big Lots. I filled them with my most used craft supplies.

So, what do you think?


  1. I love what you did with the drawer! I am a big fan of recycled/upcycled crafts, I have a problem with waste, lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

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  3. I think it's very the ribbon!
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  4. What a great transformation.

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  5. Supe cute and what a fun way to organize your craft supplies! Great job :)

  6. very nice recycling you have done...looking awesome...

  7. I tried commenting on this last night but for some reason the variation code wouldn't was only half showing :|.

    I love this and you've done such a good job of it.

  8. thank you so much! and I had to take the code off, because several people were having problems with it. Sorry about that!

  9. I love the recycled magazine trash bin!
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  10. How crafty! Great job, it looks amazing! Thanks for the sweet comment =)

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  12. the drawers are too cute!!

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  13. What a great idea. It turned out great!



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