August 15, 2010

Easy Black and Pink Decorative Pillow

So, after MUCH confusion and aggravation that my sewing machine gave me, I made my very first pillow! I don't know where to put it up in the house yet, BUT I'm thinking the bay window would be nice.
Here is the FREE sewing machine I got from the yard sales. It's a Singer Tiny Tailor, so it is not the best. However, it got the job done! Me and Sommer spent MANY hours last night working on the bobbin. I think we quit trying around 3 AM. haha

Materials Needed:
sewing machine
1/2 yard of fabric
pillow stuffing

Ok, so first you fold your fabric in half. Then, you straight stitch 3 sides of the fabric. Make sure that one of these sides is the side that was already closed from folding the fabric. For the last side, you want to sew down both sides. Leave a spot in the middle that is big enough for you to fit your hand down in to stuff the pillow.

Then, turn the pillow inside out!

You want to stuff the pillow pretty full, because it will flatten. When you are done stuffing, thread a needle. Finish sewing the remainder of the pillow by hand. Then, add some ribbons or a bow. This is a cute little finishing touch!
You can also add a cute little ribbon and tack it down with a needle and thread. This is how I kept mine!


  1. So cute. I love it. It turned out really cute. I want to make smaller black accent pillows to go with it. That would be so cute.

  2. Me too! I think two smaller zebra print pillows would look super cute with it. I will get on that! ;)

    BTW, we need to make those bracelets.

  3. Hi Kristin, You did a great job on your first project. Now tell me ... will you go on to make funky, fun things to wear and someday teach your daughter the art of sewing and the fun of making something all by yourself? Go to the fabric shops and find some great little do-it-yourself easy projects and go crazy!!! XXHapapy hugs, Mollye PS I come to you from New Friend Fridays!

  4. Great tips, Kristin. I am a staff at a decorative pillows and I can create many samples for my customers to buy.Thanks


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